Mi. 11. Oktober – So. 22. Oktober 2017

MMRP – Nr 3 präsentiert: Zitaten Kiosk zur Buchmesse

The Montez Micro Residency programme is a chance to invite diverse International artists and collectives, to offer a platform/forum for new innovative arts projects, performances in the temporary art space – The White House at Kunstverein Familie Montez.

The 3rd invited artist Elizabeth Coleman-Link (UK/DE) was
born in Oldham, UK, and studied at Dartington College of Arts, Devon, a mixed media Artist based in Frankfurt am Main, with a studio at AtelierFrankfurt.
Creating concepts for Light/Installations/Exhibitions using photography, painting, stitched textiles, that examines our relationship to our personal/collective history.
As part of the Montez Micro Residency, there will be an Open Call for Mail Art participants to send a quote on a postcard, the collection of quotes will be displayed in the White House alongside an archive of works from the installation „The unknown ancestors“ some of the new quotes will be choosen to be stitched onto jute during the residency, the artist will use the space as a studio.


„With her textile works, which withdraw any normative categorization, which are neither only paintings, nor installations, nor interventions of the public space, but rather an entire archive,
a recorded collection of manifold experience.
Elizabeth Coleman-Link excavates hidden relationships of past, current and future occurences.
Folk memory, heritage and tradition, oral history passed on by generations of mothers to daughters.
Elizabeth Coleman-Link contemplates collective memory like a narrator, sharing a treasure while confronting us with uncomfortable intuitions and thus questioning todays status quo.
With clear decisions in the choice of her materials
Elizabeth Coleman-Link enables us to accompany her on her journey through many past futures, interweaving her own experiences with the knowledge of enigmatic and unidentified strangers, as reprentatives of coincidental and mutual ancestors.
A social system of the past, declared unjust by todays generation, represented through century old textiles, stitched together by the artist, forming resemblances of flags, a synonym for state power, the artist calls us to the witness box of our own future.“
Text by Mirjam Martinović 2017