Fr. 5. April 2019 von 17:00 bis 23:00

Salon Montez

We at Pershagen Gallery are thrilled to be introducing our long time collaborators Kunstverein Familie Montez – Frankfurt for a special pop up event in our gallery space during their exhibition period at

Supermarket 2019 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair!


Kunstverein Familie Montez – Frankfurt are proud to present a further collaboration with Rebecka Pershagen – Artist, in her newly established Gallery:

Pershagen Gallery.

SALON MONTEZ is a pop up event, showing documentation of the Familie Montez staged imagery with photography by Christoph von Loew.

Music & Performance:

Gio Montez
Jagoda Szmytka
Puschan Mousavi Malvani

Come join us for a Friday Evening Salon with Familie Montez and guests!


And don’t miss them during their regular big exhibition at Supermarket 2019 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, from April 4th – 7th in Sickla!

Kunstverein Familie Montez – Frankfurt will present at Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2019 a series of works – curated by Elizabeth Coleman-Link & Mirek Macke (KVFM) working with the theme SOUND AND VISION:

films, fashion, performance, happenings, visuals plus featured live works by Frankfurt based artists & special guests.

Participating Artists:

Christoph von Loew
Jerome North
Elizabeth Coleman-Link
Nabiel Gebremeskel
Mirek Macke,
Gio Montez
Jagoda Szmytka
Puschan Mousavi Malvani

Special guests: