Sa. 7. 9.19 / 22:00 -4:00


Enter the world of The Universal Playground UTOPIA,
where dreams and reality melt together,
where music and colours collide into new flavours and forms, where imagination becomes your vehicle into a rhythmical landscape…

? JAEL (Soulection/KOTO) (NL)
? Bj Piggo (SVK)
? Artist3 (SVK)
? Lalee Bloom (RUS)

Once upon a light year, there was an idea. An idea greater than any other. An idea that manifests the highest good, celebrates all the differences, uplifts all the living creatures and most of all, idea that comes from a foundation that everything is connected.

We are going through years of changes, opportunities but most of all the greatest human potential. Let’s connect and join our energy to make Universal Playground the best possible place to be. If you could change one thing in the world for the better, what would it be?